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INTI PINANG MAKMUR (Inti Pinang Makmur LTD) is an Indonesian trading company for Indonesian trading products, agribusiness, and others. We have a land area of 2500 hectares and the number of members is 2770 farmers with a production capacity of 2500 tons per year. Our dedicated production and quality control team has worked tirelessly to deliver the highest quality products that our customers expect. Supported by the best technology and farmers for our plantations. Ultimately, it is our top priority to meet the satisfaction and expectations of our customers.

The existence of INTI PINANG MAKMUR Ltd as a provider of the best coffee raw materials aims to bring Gayo Coffee to various countries and many have felt the pleasure of Gayo coffee because it gives the feel that Indonesia is one of the world’s coffee paradises that must be visited.

We also open up opportunities for friendly companies from other countries to collaborate more deeply with coffee-producing farmers from Gayo Highland Sumatra

We produces GAYO COFFEE BEANS originally from Gayo highland SUMATERA. The best place for GAYO COFFEE grows and being cultivated.

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